As stated within the class of EID100 one of the biggest problems with the the internet or one of the so called “problems” with today’s internet is the information overload. But this is not seen as necessarily a problem with the internet but a problems with the users organisational skills.

An application such as tweet deck allows users to conglomerate useful tweets and Twitter information into one useful clean display. This comes as necessary tool when comparing to a more traditional methods such as a standard search engine, which tends to provide a absurd amount of information regarding a single subject.For example when using a search engine such as Google 14 300 000 results had come up for the search term “diabetic” this included all of the Internet jargon,memes or documents that were to technical for my needs it had taken until page 3 until I had found my desired link. But with the tweet deck application I was able to parse out the undesired users or tweets that had little to no meaning upon what I was looking for.


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