Lightbeam for Firefox Findings- Who’s who in Tracking who?

Ever wonder how your favorite internet websites that are so fun are free to use and stay that way?

Sites such as but not limited to: Facebook, theAwesomer, YouTube, Amazon, TheChive are all guilty of compelling third party websites to analyse your every move in order to obtain your online activities. Today’s EID100 task involves the opensource firefox browser add on Lightbeam which will allow you to view the otherwise hidden third party websites that follow you through the deep dark corners of the internet. My findings through viewing 18 different websites within a 20 minute time frame consisted of linking to 214 Thirdparty Websites. Some of these websites are completely unknown to the general internet one of the greatest third party contributor in my findings was Kiss metrics and Google analytic’s which conglomerate a users internet interactions to be used and monetized as big data.

Some may call this the “deep web” referring to its representation much like a hypothetical iceberg of internet activity, on an iceberg on average 90% is invisible under water, this is considered the deep web whilst the tip the other 10% the tip protruding above the waterline is what we as general users interact with on the internet. This can compose ones internet identity, that may or may not be separate from his/hers offline identity and could cause potential social and economic implications.

So reading this you may be wanting to permanently disconnecting your personal computer and destroying the WiFi receiver , but there is ways to protect yourself regardless of your internet browser preference.

This can be done by using privacy enhancing browser add on options:

Icon of Adblock PlusAdblock Plus “blocks all annoying ads, and supports websites by not blocking unobtrusive ads by default “and is also a free add on for all competitive browsers.

GhosteryGhosterly allows you to see what third party sites are tracking you and with this feature you are able to black list or white list here it is in action on this current WordPress blog!




 Malwarebytes is a anti malware program that protects your computer from risk from malware attacks this also goes as far as blocking you from malicious websites while browsing the internet.



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