Digital Etiquette

Digital media is more or less a hit or miss in regards to etiquette and marketing as more of society can be compelled and succumb to the perils that media, respectively social media can entail. Therefore one is best to think and adhere to such digital etiquette.

Social media is becoming, personal media; the human interaction aspect of interoperability is the dominant form. Social media has allowed the world to view into daily personal interactions of other’s lives that may just be too personal in aspects of digital etiquette.

An example of breaking the fine line between being personal at an acceptable level and being too personal is something like a tweet that says

“Feeling a bit under the weather today, sorry for not responding promptly” is generally fine. Tweeting “Ate some bad shellfish last night and spent the last hour praying to the porcelain gods” is not okay”( Kissmetrics, 2014).

In my first year at Ryerson I had an example of just how personal social media has become, I had taken a mandatory class call SSH 205 with Dr. P Chafe, one of the class lectures was based upon diffusing the coined phrase of the Canadian Philiospher Marshal McLuhan “The medium is the message”. Professor Chafe had played a video that class that is still embodied in my memory 4 years later, it was a video of a couple finding out the answer to a pregnancy test. The tears, bathroom décor, and mood were all too personal in fact making me feel like I was there in that moment with that couple (the video is featured below).This is an example in my observations in just how digital edquitte should be adhered and can just get too personal.

Kissmetrics. (n.d.). 5 Social Media Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur and Cost You Sales. Retrieved September 8, 2014.


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